People in our region, state and country don't ask for much – good paying jobs, affordable healthcare for their families, and quality schools for their kids. These are the priorities I will fight for in the State House.


Vocational Education

We must diversify our workforce through vocational education and training which offers career readiness and industry recognized credentials, ensuring good pay and benefits for workers and their families. Refining and integrating the career pathways our youth take will ensure they have access to lifelong learning opportunities.


Competitive Salaries & Benefits

We must support our teachers and paraprofessionals by ensuring they have  competitive family-wage salaries and benefits so they can take pride in educating the next generation.


Universal Pre-Kindergarten

Washington ranks 31st out of 39 states that offer state funded preschool. We need to change that. Investing in early learning today means less spent tomorrow on unemployment, healthcare and incarceration tomorrow.


K-12 Funding

Our state has a paramount duty to fully fund our education system, including special education and lower classroom sizes. We must find progressive and sustainable revenue to ensure teachers and students receive the resources they need to be successful.


Student Debt Crisis

Pursuing higher education shouldn't feel like a debt sentence. I support a student loan bill of rights, more options to lower tuition, refinancing and forgiveness, and protections that address deceptive lending.


Achievement Gap

Student level of achievement shouldn't depend on their zip code, skin color or gender. We need an education funding plan which doesn't shift the burden to local communities through property tax hikes and levies.



Affordable Healthcare

I support a secure and affordable, publicly funded and privately delivered Medicare-for-All style health care system which will lower the cost of care and reduce operating costs associated with administrative waste.


Lowering Prescription Drug Costs

It is long past time we enact prescription drug policies that work for everyone, especially our veterans and retirees on fixed-incomes. Big Pharma has taken advantage of our broken campaign finance system to insulate themselves from consequences, and we must also hold them accountable. 


Strengthening Rural Hospitals

We need to improve the financial resilience of rural hospitals at-risk of closure through more resources for essential preventative services, reproductive services, and life-saving critical care.


Fighting The Opioid Epidemic

Opioid overdose is the leading cause of accidental death in nearly every part of our state. I support expanding access to alternatives such as NSAIDs and Cannabis, and Naloxone for first responders.


Addressing the Nursing Shortage

In the middle of a nursing shortage, we’re struggling to expand class sizes and hire faculty. I support increased funding for nursing schools and nursing program recruitment and faculty retention.


Reproductive Freedom

Reproductive freedom is a fundamental right. I support transparency, disclosure of services and patient privacy. I oppose TRAP laws, CPCs, burdensome regulations and intimidation practices. 

Our Economy


Tax Relief & Closing Loopholes

Washington State has the most regressive tax system in the nation. It is long past time that we relieve the tax burden on working families without cutting essential state services by lowering rates and more broadly applying our taxes with fewer exemptions for corporations and the wealthy few to ensure they pay their fair share. 


America Needs Unions

The strength of our state and nation’s economy is dependent on the availability of jobs which provide competitive family wages, benefits, safe working conditions and the opportunity for workers to bargain. Union rights are utterly essential to the social, economic and political prosperity of our democracy.


Renewable Energy Infrastructure

Our state is leading the nation’s transition to a low-carbon clean energy economy, and to continue our progress, we need capital budget investments in innovative renewable energy generation and storage facilities as well as clean energy research and development assistance alongside favorable business and occupation tax rates.


Supporting Farmers and our Agricultural Economy

We must reduce the barriers to entry and high capital costs that accompany new business ventures in farming and agribusiness while ensuring rural communities have a skilled workforce, strong infrastructure, and access to markets, capital and technology.

John Wayne Trail closure.jpg

Stimulating Recreation and Tourism

Our trails and public lands are worth more than just pictures. Visits to public lands are a significant economic driver in our state and contribute millions to state and local revenue, stimulating consumer spending and small business growth on Main Street. Our trails and outdoor recreation areas are worth investments.


Progressive Revenue

In order to lower property taxes, fully fund education and lower the costs of healthcare, we need progressive revenue, which will hold the wealthiest few accountable to pay their fair share.