Jobs and the Economy

Economic growth in this district is my top priority and I will fight in the legislature to make sure that Eastern WA gets noticed. I want to make sure that the American Dream can be a reality.

  • I will push for investing in our crumbling infrastructure
  • I will make sure our district has the resources to pioneer new business, especially in technology and the cannabis industry
  • I will support our Farmers by making sure our trade deals give them a fair shake and they have the subsidies and support they need
  • We will reduce barriers to entry and high capital costs that accompany new business ventures and will cut the red tape that has become so thick it feels like a wall
  • We will make sure that we protect the working class from financial institutions and anyone else that attempt to exploit them


  • Education is the single most important investment we can make as a State. I will bring us forward towards an education that is accessible and affordable for everyone, from pre-K to PhD.
  • I will work to continue WA state’s progress in pre-K access, and continue to expand it, especially in rural Washington
  • I will push for more tech, trade, and apprenticeship programs to be a part of High Schools
  • I will work across the aisle to find ways of reducing tuition costs and the skyrocketing financial burden of students
  • I will make sure that graduate students are not left behind and that Universities ensure their well being and make their fiscal resources a priority

Internet Privacy, Rural Broadband & Net Neutrality

  • If the Federal government won’t take the proper steps to protect it from exploitation, and protect the general public, then we must step in as a State
  • I will fight to ensure broadband access reaches rural Washington. Progress cannot leave half the state behind
  • I will fight to bring Net Neutrality Laws to Washington State, and protect the internet as the bastion of free speech and enterprise.
  • I will introduce Internet privacy laws that will protect consumers from being exploited