3 Volunteer Tips from Justin Trudeau

Mobile Canvassing Guide

We run a fully mobile canvass with the MiniVAN app. If you’ve canvassed before, you can think of this as simply replacing your walk packet with a smartphone or tablet. Let’s get started.

1. For Apple Users: Go to the App or Google Play Store, search for “MiniVAN Touch”, and download the app. 

For Apple devices:

For Android devices:

2. Select Create Your ActionID to log in. Make sure that you create a password that is easy for you to remember. Next time you canvass with MiniVAN, you’ll select Log In with ActionID.

3. Once you’ve logged in, you may be prompted to Enter a List Number. If so, select this option, and enter the list number given to you by the campaign. Click Submit to download the list.

Logging in


Entering your List Number

Finding your next door

1. On the upper left-hand side of your screen, you will see three lines. Click on these lines to go to the Menu.

2. On the Menu, you will have the option to toggle between three different views of your list. Select Map to see where the households you’ll canvass are located. Select Households to see a breakdown of your list by address (often, you’ll be attempting to contact more than one person per household). To view your list alphabetically, select People.

3. To quickly get oriented in the neighborhood that you’ll be canvassing, select the green Find My Next Door bar. This will display the three closest un-canvassed houses on your list.

4. When you’re ready to start talking to voters, click on the address to see the name of the voters at that household. Under the name of each voter, you’ll see their age, sex, and party affiliation.

5. Click on the voter to view the Script . If you are able to speak with the voter, you can record the results of your conversation with the voter using the buttons and menus in the script. You can add any notes about the interaction by selecting Add a note + and entering your input. If you were not able to speak with the voter, toggle to N for no at the top of the script and record the reason why.

6. To quickly mark the voter as Not Home from the address view on an Apple device, swipe right on the voter’s name. To mark the voter as Not Home from the address view on an Android device,
press and hold the bar with the voter’s name. You can also mark the voter Not Home from the Script page by toggling to N for no and recording reason why.

After your entry, return to map or household view. Go to the next address and repeat the process. Remember to sync your data by selecting the circular arrow icons on the top righthand side of each page or by selecting Sync on the Menu.

Thank you for canvassing with us today! We can’t win this without you.


What is the difference between an ActionID and a Votebuilder account?
A Votebuilder account allows someone to log into and access voters. An ActionID allows a user to access MiniVAN. The two can be linked together so the user has one log in.

I heard that MiniVAN doesn’t always save the data I enter. Is that true?
Once you ‘sync’ data in MiniVAN an administrator needs to ‘commit’ the data in Votebuilder. If no one commits that data it won’t be permanently saved. You don’t need to worry about this. We will take care of it.

Can I only have one list loaded at a time?
Yes, you can only have one list loaded on your phone at once. If you want to load a new list you will have to sync your results or delete them.

How should I mark it if someone is too busy to talk to me?
Mark them as “Not Home”.

How can I enter phone numbers and emails for voters?
Slide over to the “Details” section of the voter’s record. There will be a section for emails and a section for phone numbers. Click the + sign for either option to add a new record.