Primary Election Watch Party

These last few days have been absolutely incredible. The energy and motivation in the office while making calls and on the streets while knocking on doors has been electric. 

In these last 48 hours, our campaign made over 2500 GOTV calls and knocked on over 600 doors. Our team was on the streets dropping literature this morning at 5 AM. 

I am so beyond blessed and proud of all of the hard work and dedication of our entire campaign team, our interns, the volunteers: YOU made this happen.

This district is home to the Senate Republican Minority Leader. The last time a Democrat held this seat was 1937. We have raised more money than any previous Democratic candidate since 1992, and made more voter contact than any previous campaign.

Every single county in the 9th District swung by at least 7 points from 2016 Primary Results, with the largest swings from Franklin County (+13), Asotin County (+12), and Whitman County (+9). And that's without the thousands of Washington State University students who will be registered to vote and turned out in November. For the first time in decades, the 9th Legislative District is competitive and winnable.

I am so thankful for the outpouring of support we have received over the course of the campaign. We have built a coalition of support that I could not be prouder of, and I am ready to get back to work tomorrow.