Korean War veteran Picks Up the Slack for Washington State Legislators

Wally Lindblad, a Korean War medical evacuation pilot, is generously donating millions to regional hospitals and scholarship funds to improve medical care and nursing education in Eastern Washington.

I was floored to hear this news — not only because I admire Wally's commitment and generosity, but because I again was reminded that we live in a state and country where private donations like these are picking up the slack in areas where legislators are dropping the ball and failing to find solutions to skyrocketing healthcare costs and the nursing shortage.

As State Representative for the 9th District, my top priority in the legislature would be passing a secure, affordable, publicly funded and privately delivered Universal Healthcare bill in Washington State.

"...Joyce Griffin-Sobel, dean of the WSU College of Nursing, said Lindblad has specific goals that the school will help carry out, such as training the nursing staff in his own care facility and others in Eastern Washington.

“There’s little development for the staff at nursing homes,” she said. “This money will allow us to expand that.”

I have personally felt the effects of our nearly criminal healthcare system, and with costs of life-saving medications, alternative treatments and insurance constantly on the rise, I don’t think that any Washingtonian should have to choose between financial security and the health of a loved one.

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