Letter To The Editor: Climate Change Responsible for Fires, Smoke

Again, we face bad air quality due to numerous fires in the area. I have lived in Palouse for over 30 years, and only in the last three years have we had so much issue with fires and bad air quality. We used to open our windows at night to cool off and then close them in the morning and enjoy comfortable temperature in our home without air conditioning. Not any more. We finally broke down and got a heat pump so that we can keep cool without opening the windows and letting in smoke. Why have we and the rest of the West faced such fire dangers in recent years and not previously? It is the change in climate resulting in higher temperatures, and, in the west, drier conditions.

Joe Schmick, our representative to the state Legislature, denies there is anthropogenic climate change. According to a fellow Republican representative, "Joe Schmick is our guy for all things medical." Does Joe Schmick understand what negative impact that poor air quality does for people's health? How can he ignore the overwhelming evidence of climate change that directly affects his constituents, including farmers?

Perhaps it is due to his lack of logic. Last year, I urged him to support legislation to increase the age for tobacco purchase to 21. He said, "If you can die for your country, you should be able to buy cigarettes." By that argument, 18-year-olds should be able to buy alcohol and pot.

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