Pasco Canvassed Capped off with a trip to a taco truck!

Nothing is better after a long day of canvassing in Pasco than a trip to a taco truck! Huge thanks to Gretchen and John for their hospitality and for inviting me to use their guest room while traveling last weekend!


Adams County Fair and Parade and Palouse Days

Amazing turnout in Othello at the Adams County Fair and Parade and at Palouse Days in Whitman County! So thankful for our wonderful supporters for being so enthusiastic and ready to roll in two separate parades at the same time this morning.

Our message of putting people first, lowering healthcare costs, funding our education system and securing Eastern Washington a slice of the pie is clearly resonating.


Chip the Potato Farmer

‪Today while knocking on doors in Pasco I met Chip, a potato farmer.‬ He talked about the need for fairness and accountability in government, affordable healthcare, and supporting police and firefighters. He wants politicians who are ready to work together. I couldn’t agree more! ‬


Spokesman Review Takes Note of the wonderful work our team is doing!

Check this out: our campaign received a shout-out for our voter registration in The Spokesman-Review!

“We know if we get students registered, they’re going to support Lisa and Matthew,” Berkompas said. The organization began signing up students outside the Compton Union Building in the center of campus just as classes resumed for the fall. As of last week, they’d registered about 1,200 students, with a goal of reaching 5,000 by the deadline in early October.

Read the article: “Campus vote shaping up as battleground in race between Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Lisa Brown” by Kip Hill (2018, Sep 12)

Image source: Sutherland For Washington Facebook (2018, Sep 13)

Pullman Firefighters Show Support

Huge thanks to Mark with Pullman Firefighters IAFF L1892 for dropping off yard sign caps at the campaign office on Monday! It means so much to me and our entire team to have earned your support. Rest assured that we will never stop fighting to ensure our firefighters receive the funding, competitive pay and occupational protections they deserve.


Canvassing in Pomeroy Done Right

What a day! Spent most of my afternoon knocking on doors in #Pomeroy and had the opportunity to chat with Tonia, who owns the cafe where I went out to lunch.

Tonia's Cafe serves breakfast all day and when I asked what I should order, she said she made a mean omelette.

She was right. Tonia also shared that it's her business's 6 year anniversary this month. Congratulations, Tonia!

She's hopeful that the new mill will help bring more jobs to the area, and we chatted about some of the ideas I had for rebuilding the economy out here in Eastern Washington.

On my way out she told me her huckleberry shakes were really good too, so I am going to have to confirm that soon.

P.S. Also ran into this good boy while knocking on doors!

Honor and Remember those who lost their lives on September 11

Today we honor and remember the innocent lives lost during the horrific September 11th attacks on our fellow Americans. We will never forget the selfless courage and bravery of the heroes who lost their lives saving others.


Climate Change Is Real, We Need Representatives Who Believe Facts

People are taking notice that our current representative in the 9th District is completely out of touch with his constituents and the issues facing our district. Eastern Washington needs representatives who believe scientists and make policy based on facts, not personal ideology.

"In the 9th LD, house candidates couldn't have more different views on climate change. At minute 20, Incumbent Joe Schmick does not believe climate change is human-caused, while challenger Matthew Sutherland proposes a 'green new deal'. Just another example of why elections matter.

Check out the full question and what the candidates shared by skipping to minute 16:10."

-Post from Carbon Washington Facebook Page.

Community Forum in Othello

Had a fantastic conversation with a great group of people yesterday evening at our Community Forum in Othello. I enjoyed answering questions and talking about the issues that matter most to people in our district, like healthcare, education and good-paying jobs. More to follow!



Pasco Teachers and School Employees Deserve Better

Pasco teachers and school employees deserve to be valued just like their fellow educators in Kennewick and Richland. 

I'm looking forward to learning more about the tentative agreement reached between the education association and the school district.

Improving Health Care At Rural Hospitals In Eastern Washington

We can all agree that we need to improve the capabilities and resilience of rural hospitals in Eastern Washington to service all of our communities, and the Pullman Regional Hospital is no different. 

This bond would help attract and retain additional family medicine physicians, expand specialty care, fund new women's and children's health facilities, therapeutic services and the transition to electronic medical records.

"...The hospital says the expansion is largely because of continued growth in Pullman, where outpatient visits at Pullman Regional Hospital have climbed by 21 percent over the past five years."

Read the entire story below:

The Effects of Climate Change on Eastern Washington

I couldn't agree more with this letter. Elected representatives in Washington State must accept the consensus from the scientific community that climate change is being made worse by human activity.

More wildfires. More droughts. Lower crop yields. This is the reality we face if we continue on our current course. We need to elect real representatives who have the best interests of their constituents in mind, not partisan ideological science deniers who are out of touch with reality.…/lett…/article217306675.html


Intern Training!

Check out our Field Director Quinton training student interns at the campaign office this afternoon! ‬

‪If you’re interested in interning or volunteering with the campaign, visit‬



Pasco Educators Deserve Better

Pasco teachers and school employees deserve a raise just as much as their fellow educators in Richland and Kennewick.

We need competitive salaries in Eastern Washington to continually attract and retain teachers in the 9th District. 

"Richland teachers on Wednesday overwhelmingly approved a new three-year contract that includes a 14.3 percent raise in 2018-19 over last year, and a raise of about 22 percent total.

It also means that just one Tri-City area school district — Pasco — doesn’t yet have a settlement with its teachers over raises."

Read the entire story below:

Korean War veteran Picks Up the Slack for Washington State Legislators

Wally Lindblad, a Korean War medical evacuation pilot, is generously donating millions to regional hospitals and scholarship funds to improve medical care and nursing education in Eastern Washington.

I was floored to hear this news — not only because I admire Wally's commitment and generosity, but because I again was reminded that we live in a state and country where private donations like these are picking up the slack in areas where legislators are dropping the ball and failing to find solutions to skyrocketing healthcare costs and the nursing shortage.

As State Representative for the 9th District, my top priority in the legislature would be passing a secure, affordable, publicly funded and privately delivered Universal Healthcare bill in Washington State.

"...Joyce Griffin-Sobel, dean of the WSU College of Nursing, said Lindblad has specific goals that the school will help carry out, such as training the nursing staff in his own care facility and others in Eastern Washington.

“There’s little development for the staff at nursing homes,” she said. “This money will allow us to expand that.”

I have personally felt the effects of our nearly criminal healthcare system, and with costs of life-saving medications, alternative treatments and insurance constantly on the rise, I don’t think that any Washingtonian should have to choose between financial security and the health of a loved one.

Read the entire story at the link below: