About Matt

• As a U.S. Army Veteran, the Vice President of the Whitman County Planning Commission, member of the Pullman Board of Adjustment and Washington State University alumni, Matthew Sutherland understands the needs of our district and will deliver real results for working families in Eastern Washington.

• Matt has lived in Whitman County the majority of his adult life and comes from a union household. His father worked the manufacturing line at Boeing and struggled to raise two boys while paying off mountains of medical bills and barely scraping by.

• Matt joined the Army at seventeen, following his father and grandfather's steps into an ongoing life of service. As a non-commissioned officer, he was deployed on a humanitarian aid mission to El Salvador where he laid brick and mortar to expand aid infrastructure for those in need.

• He worked with a task force comprised of volunteers from units across the country in cooperation with foreign military and civilian personnel.

• In 2016, Matt chose to focus his military service towards his home-state by joining the Washington National Guard as an officer candidate.

• He was inspired to run for office because he has personally seen how damaging it can be when our elected officials ignore our issues and remain out of touch with their constituents.

•  That’s why Matthew Sutherland is running for the 9th Legislative District -- to build our communities up, and address the concerns of working families in Eastern Washington that have been continually ignored.

• Matt graduated from Washington State University and received his BA in Political Science while also studying Physics.

• Matt also serves on the Board of Directors for the Michael F. Lange Foundation, a charitable organization that is devoted to empowering those that seek social change, social justice and global peace.

• Like many Americans, he’s lived paycheck to paycheck and been unsure of how to make ends meet. He’s fallen victim to wage theft while working in construction, has seen first hand the effects of the recession, and the valuable lessons he’s learned have shaped his goals, values and ideals.


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Honors and Achievements

  • Rated “Among the Best” for yearly leadership evaluations (US Army, 2015)

  • Advisor to the Commander of Air Assault Operations (U.S. Army, 2016)

  • Non-Commissioned Officer of the Year (U.S. Army, 2013)

  • Commandant's List (Warrior Leader Course, 2012)

  • Army Achievement Medal (x2)

  • United States Army Air Assault Badge (2015)

  • German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge (Gold)

Our district

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The 9th Legislative District is one of the largest and most beautiful regions in our state! This sprawling rural district is home to Washington State University, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, The Snake River, Columbia Basin College, Gesa Stadium, and one of the largest secondary schools in the state, Chiawana High School. The 9th LD maintains a diverse local economy of small businesses, educational services, manufacturing, agriculture, viticulture, transportation services, retail trade, health care services, research and development, food services and more. It contains Adams, Asotin, Franklin, Garfield, Whitman and parts of Spokane County. The largest cities in the district are Pasco, Pullman, Othello, Clarkston, Asotin, Colfax and Pomeroy. We have a lot of ground to cover, so be sure to head over to our volunteer page to learn more about how you can get involved today!